Overview of Lincoln Web Resources

Abraham Lincoln in New York City, the day of his famous Cooper Union speech, circa February 27, 1860

In honor of the Lincoln Bicentennial, the Department of History wanted to share web resources with those who are interested in learning and teaching about the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. This website compiles historical essays, lesson plans, and primary source documents in order to support the development of Lincoln curricula for K-12 and college-level teachers.

General Websites for Teachers: several collections of Lincoln's writings and speeches, as well as broad overviews of general topics related to Lincoln

Emancipation Debates: addresses the controversy over the role of Lincoln in emancipation of slaves during the Civil War

Diplomacy and Military Strategy: web essays and primary sources about the role of Lincoln in managing the Civil War as an international conflict

Lincoln and the Use of Civil Religion: highlights various schools of thought on the theological and political implications of Lincoln's religious rhetoric

The Judicial Role Civil War: essays and sources that consider whether Lincoln overstepped the bounds of the constitution in his wartime policies

Abraham Lincoln and the Negotiated Meaning of Democracy: several lessons plans and primary documents that detail Lincoln-Douglas debates and the conflict over nature of American democracy leading up to the Civil War